What we do

NRG provides extensive property divestment and acquisition services to the upstream petroleum industry.

We assist in the evaluation and marketing of producing properties. Our work with various upstream independents and majors has been instrumental in concluding nearly $500 Million of property closings in the past two years. We offer this level of experience to you for all of your A&D needs.

Our Mandates

NRG brings a new vision to property and corporate acquisitions and divestitures in the upstream oil and gas marketplace. We have taken our experience in the traditional merger, acquisition and divestiture business and adapted it to apply to the full range of transaction sizes available in today's market.

"Finding deals that make sense." - Most advisory firms in this marketplace represent only the sellers not the buyers. Additionally, these firms have such significant overhead and costs associated with their marketing process that their services only make sense when applied to large transactions. We believe that this model of advisory services disadvantages smaller-sized asset buyers and sellers and effectively prevents this smaller-sized-property market from finding deals that make sense.

Why Enlist the Services of NRG?

NRG's reviewing and marketing processes are unique to the Upstream A&D marketplace, focusing on being cost effective for industry. Properties are presented in a complete, concise, and user-friendly data package. Prospective purchasers are able to determine their preliminary level of interest in a property without investing considerable time and effort. We assist prospective purchasers as they review data packages by obtaining and providing any additionally required information, coordinate visits with the seller, and remain available throughout the due diligence and closing processes to facilitate any needs that may arise.

Prospective Purchasers

NRG provides comprehensive engineering, geological, and financial data package for each property. Our traditional and online data packages contain extensive collections of pre-formatted information on each well along with reserve estimates (well supported by maps, logs, cores, production histories, etc.) and cash-flow projections for each reservoir. Custom additional information or data is available upon your request.

We will not waste your time on properties that are not "closable." We work with reasonable and responsive sellers and screen anticipated sale price versus market value. Typically, privately negotiated sales are arranged, resulting in a mutually acceptable sale price for both the buyer and seller.

Your company will be able to conduct a preliminary evaluation with minimal time and effort. We ensure that you are never confronted with insufficient information to determine their preliminary level of interest in pursuing a potential acquisition. NRG assists you during the due-diligence phase of your final evaluation in any way we can. We will run economic scenarios and extensive financial modeling at any pricing or expense assumptions you request.

Prospective Sellers

NRG does virtually all of the work for you. Our services include data collection, copying, evaluation, packaging, and marketing. NRG provides timely, complete, and independent evaluations of each producing property. We strive to find and market the upside potential of each field and provide recommendations that will highlight the value of your properties.

NRG screens and qualifies prospective purchasers. Data is protected by a strong confidentiality agreement signed by every prospective purchaser. NRG facilitates all potential purchaser inquiries and needs so you don't have to.

You are never obligated to sell; you make the final decision after you have received one or more offers that are acceptable to you.

Our Word - We promise to help each prospective buyer and seller reach a point where a transaction is attractive to both sides. Our nominal fee for services is paid by the seller upon closing.