Arno Keller - President


A senior executive with a successful track record leading turnarounds and start ups, and developing new markets as an entrepreneur or member of a corporate leadership team.


Mergers & Acquisitions

NRG Divestitures Inc. - Founder and President

Start up of a A & D firm to serve a market place for smaller Oil & Gas assets under $50,000,000.00 . The initial phase required funding of corporation, developing a web site, developing a marketing system, putting together a team and finding companies willing to use our services.


  • The team has  built the business from 1 deal to over 65 transactions now completed. Entering our 4th year of Business
  • The team consists of 5 full time members
  • Sold non-core assets worth $30,000,000.00.  Then the company sold the core assets for $100,000,000.00
  • The team has established NRG as a firm of choice for smaller Oil & Gas assets
  • Working with Insolvency firms to sell companies out of receivership
  • Web site has over 800 hits per week
  • Email tracking system for marketing of assets

Oil & Gas Asset Clearing House ULC May - December 2008

Business Manager
Start up assignment to create revenue stream in company with no revenue or auctions business in the past 12 months. Position required adding key staff to team, marketing and developing the business contacts to generate revenue.


  • $18M merger deal between Black Bore Resources and Crocotta that began as an opportunity to market property in NE BC. Generated $250k in fees.
  • $62M deal with Fortress Energy to market The Ladyfern Asset in Fort St. John BC. Expected to generate $1M in fees.
  • $11M deal with Profound Energy Inc. to do an asset offering of Cochrane. Expected to generate fees of $250k
  • $11M deal with Yangarra Resources to do an asset offering for Ferrier. Expected to generate $300k in fees

Canaccord and Canaccord Enermarket - 2005 - 2008

Business Development Representative
Hired by Canaccord to generate revenue in a start up division of Canaccord by finding private Oil & Gas companies who want to merge, sell, or buy land properties.


    Creation of a new revenue stream for Canaccord that offered to assist firms with buy mandates.
  • $56M merger deal with Trimox, Tasman and Canext to create Canext. Generated $250k in fees.
  • $60M deal with Pearl Exploration to sell Southern Alberta gas assets. Generated $600k in fees.
  • $75M deal with Pearl Exploration to sell Saskatchewan heavy oil assets. Generated $600k in fees.
  • $27M deal with Wilderness Energy to sell the Mega/Gutah asset that was halted with change in royalty regime.
  • Attracted over 30 firms to the Buy Side mandate of Canaccord Enermarket.
  • Worked on a deal to acquire Innova Exploration with a market value over $500,000,000.00.


Bachelor of Arts Degree 1986 Simon Fraser University, B.A. Economics

Canadian Securities Course 1998 & 2006

Calgary Real Estate Course

Money Laundering Course from Canaccord

Xerox Sales Training