Process & Results

Personalized Hands on Approach

  • Our sales representative will contact you.
  • We provide monthly updates on the assets.
  • You can call us anytime to discuss your opportunity.
  • We will find you a deal which meets your needs and provide you with the best solution.

Changing the Paradigm

NRG is changing the paradigm of the advisory business. We make the phone ring rather than waiting for it to ring. Whether the client is a buyer or a seller, we work to create a deal that makes sense.

NRG specializes in locating suitable buyers and sellers for any transaction. This requires significant effort and is a process that yields both confidentiality and anonymity by utilizing personal contacts and relationships rather than relying on a publicly displayed, regimented, divestiture process.

NRG assists with all processes involved. Sell Side: (Review of asset, packaging of asset, marketing of asset, reviewing of bids with further negotiating, and the closing of asset). Buy Side: (Understand your needs, find approximate assets, compare assets to provide recommendation, offer to purchase asset, and closing of asset).