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Gelot Enterprises Inc. Tank Farm Site and 16-11-057-25W4 Disposal Well Sale

Gelot Enterprises Inc. (Gelot) owns and leases to Cen-Alta Oilfield Trucking Ltd. (Cen-Alta) a water injection well located at 16-11-57-25 W4. Salt water and other water based products are produced during the extraction of oiland- gas production and is necessary on a continuous basis for the longevity of producing wells. One of the disposal methods is to inject this salt water and associated wastes into suitable, naturally occurring formations. These injection zones are required to be adequately isolated by relatively impermeable strata to confine the injected fluids to the permitted zone. Once the salt water is produced it is hauled by tanker to our facility in Legal, Alberta.

A permanent surface tank accumulates the oil and gas wastes and separates the contaminants. The site operator then pumps the clean water down the disposal well. The skimmed waste/oil are then reclaimed for profit and transported out of the facility. (See Section 6, Executive Summary, Supporting Documents for more information).

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