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BlendForce Energy Services Inc. - Chemical Blending Facility and Disposal Well Asset Sale Bid Deadline: May 31, 2017

BlendForce Energy Services Inc. - BlendForce was created and commenced operating October 1st, 2014 to coincide with the asset acquisition of an oilfield chemical blending facility and Class 1B disposal well located in Swan Hills from Arcan Resources Ltd.

BlendForce was a independent blending and supply chain management services for HCL and chemical fluid products required by our customers for use in the Oil and Gas industry. The Swan Hills facility is capable of handling and supplying the large acid frac applications to the smallest volume production optimization and well stimulation projects.

BlendForce is currently looking is lookng to sell all the surface equipment at their facility, along with a Class 1b disposal well which will allow BlendForce to close down operations.

The disposal well 08-14-66-10W5/02 is located within their facility and is approved by the AER as a Class 1b (Approval No. 11905A). All that is required to become operational is submit an application under Directive 58 to construct and operate a Class 1b disposal Facility. The preliminary engineering work is complete and NRG can help with updating engineering drawing and submitting the application. There is a $55,800.00 security deposit with the AER. NRG sees a lot of value in adding a skimming operation. We are certainly open for discussion.

There are well files to review upon the signing of the confidentiality agreement


The following asset files are available for download.

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